Month: June 2016

  • Black Sea

    Legs with a view 🙂 

  • Relax


    Its a hot summer day …perfect for reading and swimming in the pool,which Im doing right now :).

  • Slut wanting fuck

        Im writting from Annie side.She is a bit shy to write this herself so Ill do it!Annie has a new sexy wardrobe all pink,high heels,new tits,collar with a Cum Dump icon and she was just modeling for Me right now. The thing is she needs a big Real dick to fill her slutty…

  • Gerkins again

    The gerkins  and boots lover came back today! I had a nice meal in this private 🙂 and boy, I was hungry! 

  • Cash


    YES! When you serve Me,money is just a number.The more the better! Dont lose time counting,just give Me all! You can be a financial slave or just a loser that spoil Me as I deserve.Here is slave Marc that was just returning home from a bank robbery 🙂 . Put the prey at My feet and beg to…