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  • Erik

    I told him to send Me everyday pics with his nails painted.Today he said is busy and cannot send!!! ahahahhaha,BIG MISTAKE!!! Now your face will be visible over here for everybody to see it,untill u PAY!U dirty faggot!!

  • You Finally Admitting

    For years he denied what he really is!But today,he came in prv and he did all I wanted! Here is slut posing for Me,with his hard dick and hungry ass! What a whore he is!!!

  • Erika toes.

    Erika likes it nasty! Today she came to play and since she was not very obedient,here is the result! New pics with her toes painted will be revealed here untill she pay!!! UPDATE!!! Erika paid right now,so the first pics are down.I will still keep her face,however,untill she put paint on her footnails!

  • Vibra Toy

    Vibra Toy

    I present you My new toy!Vibra Toy! I have it for about two months now and cant get enough of it!Interesting to lose control sometimes and just let the man make you distance! A click and it send Me instant horniness! Yay! It s just perfect!

  • Clean


    Slave Kris visited Me yesterday. He is such a good servant,kissing and licking the screen!

  • Pics of the day

    Pics of the day

    They both have the task to wear polish on toes everyday and send Me pictures anytime I request.Here are slutty polish toenails from Sunday! Which has done a good job? None!! :))  Sluts need to go to salon and ask for proper pedicure! 

  • Pink Toes

    Nice morning surprise was waitting for Me today! Slut Annie was a good girl and follow the rules-made her toesnails PINK! I suppose it was the first time she did this, as I see her skills are far from being perfect… Don t worry, Annie, u will just need more and more practice!

  • Snow

    Beautiful winter in My garden!Its 1 m snow today! 

  • Jonathan Bird

    Meet Jonathan Bird,a pussy that wanna fly…straight into a big DICK! Need to break her holes hard,spread her legs and fuck like crazy!!! All she need is to be tied to the floor and be made to scream!!

  • New kinky stuff for Me!!! 🙂 What I got? A super sexy  dress,3 catsuits and a pair of long gloves, all in PVC.Hot,Hot,Hot!