Month: March 2016

  • Vacation

    Time to get some days off from sluts.See you soon!

  • All Black

    Leather Day.

  • Sunday

    Enjoy this Sunday with slaves at My feet.Is your nose prepared to sniff such intoxicating nyloned toes?

  • $$$


    Love when I get gifts like this from sluts!Work your ass for Me,you stupid whore!

  • Wig

    No, Im not getting crazy here,just trying a blonde wig for fun!

  • Gherkins


    Never thought I will need grandma’s pickles and My long boots  in the same time in private! I can put this on the list with strange requests  😉

  • White Fur

    From My recent private..Started with a pair of glasses and gloves…       Then My strapon under and on top My natural fur coat.Like the Queen that I Am!

  • Beneath Me

    Sit down and lick Goddess boots!

  • Worm


    What I found today in the garden?Seems very similar to what some sluts have between their legs!☺ Except this one is Huge and Long  comparing to sissies clits!